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The SubDivision Group Difference


How can you help us start the Property Development process?

We understand that most people don't know where to start when it comes to property development, therefore we complete all tasks involved to build units, townhouses or apartments on your land. Our aim is to provide our clients the simplified approach. Our feasibility studies will outline potential profits before you commit to the project. We also offer land owners a FREE 30 minute phone consultation if they are looking at developing their own land.


We own a parcel of land and would like to build townhouses but we don't know where to start and don't have the funds to build. How can your company help?

This process is a joint partnership with the property owner and Subdivision Group. We can help by obtaining all relevant documentation, plans and permits, our in house construction team then builds the townhouses at no cost to the property owner. The completed townhouses are then split between the property owner and Subdivision Group allowing the property owner to turn 1 property into multiple investment properties. The owner can then choose to sell the properties or retain them as investments.





How long does the process take?

  • To obtain town planning approval, this process takes 6 to 12 months
  • To become a property developer & complete the construction, the process takes 12 to 28 months
  • To subdivide your back yard to sell or build, this process can take 12 to 20 months


Can SubDivision Group purchase my home direct without the use of agents?

Yes our company can purchase your property, we can provide you an upfront figure at our first meeting. We are not real estate agents so there is no commission, no opens home, no adverting campaigns and no pressure.


Other companies offer a service where they can arrange everything to sell your back yard but they charge up to 25k upfront for their service. Can your company provide this service for free?


Our services includes purchasing back yards, we arrange all documentation to purchase your back yard direct, giving you an upfront figure before we begin the process. There is no upfront cost to the owner for this service which allows our clients a total risk free approach.


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