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Thinking Of Building Units Or Townhouses On Your Land?


It's Not Just Property, Its Our Passion


We Love What We Do & Helping Our Clients Create Wealth Through Property Is What We Do Best!!



Prior to Subdivisions Group'sinception we have always been passionate about helping others achieve success and always shared our knowledge which has created wealth that many think is impossible. We understand that the first steps may be daunting therefore we aim to SIMPLIFY the process and provide a service that allows our clients to clearly understand the complete process from start to finish at our first meeting. Our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge of the council planning process as well our construction and realestate experience. We pride ourselves on providing a service that is fully transparent, exceeds expectations on every level of our process and creates wealth for our clients.


With our background of property development and construction we understand all aspects of Council town planning, construction, right through to a clear understanding of the profits that are achieved by property developers.


What makes us unique to other companies that offer a similar services is that our clients will be dealing with 1 person who has designed, developed and constructed his own projects and has a clear understanding of the whole development process. We take great pride in giving our clients the opportunity to make a life changing profit.




Become A Property Developer

We Take The First Steps For You



At Subdivision Group we assist our clients obtaining town planning approval from your local council for units, townhouses or apartments on your land. This involves coordinating our network of professionals and lodging all applications. We are a Building Commission accredited company and our expertise allows us to give you an upfront feasibility study before we even begin the process, once you are satisfied we get to work. We generally have our designs lodged with your local council within 4 weeks and on average we receive a planning permit within 24 weeks, however as there is a number of factors involved, the process can take 12 months in some cases.


Once the planning approval has been issued you can choose to engage your own builder or instruct Subdivision Group to arrange all documentation and coordinate the construction of the units, townhouses or apartments. As we have a construction background we emphasis efficient designs that will lower the cost of construction which will ultimately increase your profits.




Become A Property Developer The Total Service Package



We Take The Stress Out Of Property Development

Chances are if you own a large parcel of land, it has crossed your mind to build units, townhouses or apartments on it, but you don't know where to start and don't have the hundreds of thousands of dollars for construction.


Our total service package allows the client to become a property developer without needing any experience or funds as we do it all. Subdivision Group provides a service that is unsurpassed as we complete all designs, town panning approval, all building permits, fund all fees/contributions, complete all appropriate applications and complete the construction at no cost to the client. To add peace of mind to our clients we are a Building Commission Registered company therefore we complete all construction from start to finish.


The whole process from design stage to completion of construction takes approximately 24 months, however as there are many factors the process could be 12 months to 28 months.


This service allows our clients to convert one property into multiple properties, the hardest decision you will make is weather to keep them for investments or sell them for a profit.



Sell Or Build In Your Backyard


Keep Your Home, Make A Profit Or Second Income

Our wealth creating methods allows home owners to retain their property and to sell or build on a portion of their backyard. Many companies try to offer this service however our level of expertise in Town Planning to Construction allows us to provide a fixed upfront price before you even agree to proceed with Subdivision Group. We aim to provide our clients a nothing to lose scenario as we aim to provide a service that eliminates all risks for the client. We generally have our designs lodged with your local council within 4 weeks and on average we receive a planning permit and Subdivision within 8 months, however as there is a number of factors involved and process can take up to 14 months in some cases. 

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